Welcome to my Blog

Thanks for landing here!

My name’s Amy and I’m here to share my honest thoughts and feelings of experiencing the euphoria, desolation and dullness of living in your twenties.

Well who am I? The objective facts are that I am 23 years lived, Melbourne born and raised and currently a Sydneysider. I work in Marketing but have an endless list of passions/hobbies that include: food, skiing, writing my heart out on the guitar and in text, reading, listening to music, roaming markets, hockey, plants, hiking and most recently, puzzles! Oh and pizza can fix anything.

Subjectively, I’m still figuring out my identity and what it means to be Asian Australian. Navigating the balance between being kind, people pleasing tendencies and putting myself first. I’ve been introspective and self-aware my whole life but still question my values and identity everyday. I am seeing a psychologist for my high-functioning anxiety and crippling perfectionism. Navigating my first serious relationship while still maintaining individuality and independence. Trying to foster slowness and calm when I have an ingrained need for efficiency and achievement.

I am learning to trust myself.

And I’m pouring out the good, bad and the neutral here.

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